API call fails when calling column_values{text}

When querying a board for its column values, like so:
we get an error like this:

but only when the board we’re querying is our biggest, most complex board. (We are having to archive the data every 2 months or else we exceed the limit for number of connected items.) If we use an identical query for a smaller board, it works perfectly fine.

Please can we have a fix for this? These queries were working perfectly fine a month ago and now suddenly its overwhelming for the API. Many thanks

Hello @leo1!

What happens if you try the query in your Playground in monday.com?

Would you please send a screenshot of your Playground with the query and response (please erase any sensitive information)?

Also, please let me know how many seconds it takes for the query to give you a response.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Matias.Monday, the same query in the Playground returned two different responses: Success and failure:

I wasn’t able to test the query response time as it was very transient, please advise on how to get this measurement, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @leo1,

You can check the cost of the query you’re making by using our complexity query. See more on how to query for complexity here: Complexity.

When returning a large amount of data from your boards, we recommend using limits, implementing pagination, nesting queries, and returning only necessary information in each API call to avoid timeouts and other complexity related errors.

Hello @leo1!

Just to be sure, both of the runs in the screenshots took a very small amount of time to run, correct?

They took over a minute to run, if I remember correctly

Hello again @leo1!

In that case, it might be a timeout issue. This means that you might be asking for more information that the one that can be retrieved in 60 seconds.

What happens if you add a limit in your items? Something like items (limit: 10)?

If that works, then you will have to add pagination to your query.