API deficiencies

I’ve recently spent a significant amount of time to try and integrate Monday.com with our corporate CRM only to find out that the API is incomplete due to lack of support for some column types. More importantly the API gaps are undocumented and are visible only when trying to use an API call to receive ‘This column type is not supported yet in the api’ from the server. While not having a feature-rich API is OK, not being able to automate is not great in my book.

So far what I’ve learned the hard way that:

  1. Location column is not supported
  2. Link column is presumably supported but is broken (I reported this in another post)
  3. Link to other board is not supported
  4. File is not supported (clearing is supported, but really…)

It would be great for the Monday.com team to provide some clarity on the API situation and give some indication on when the gaps in the API support are going to be fixed.

Just ran into this too. This is extremely frustrating, and I would not have upgraded had i known about these API limitations.

There doesn’t seem to be any ETA’s, just customers reporting it since 2019, and as of yet no update.

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