API Fails with 500 Error When "All from Workspace" is a Board Subscriber


I am trying to retrieve all teams subscribed to a specific board using the monday API. However, when using the team_subscribers query, I receive a 500 error when the board has “All from workspace” as one of the subscribers.

Query Used

query {
  boards(limit: 10) {
    team_subscribers {

Expected Result

The query should return a list of teams subscribed to each board.

Actual Result

When the board includes “All from workspace” as a subscriber, the API returns a 500 error.

Error Details

  • Error Type: 500 Internal Server Error

  • Specific Scenario: The error occurs only when “All from workspace” is included among the board’s subscribers.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a board on monday.com.

  2. Add “All from workspace” as a subscriber to the board.

  3. Run the query query { boards { id name team_subscribers { id name } }}

  4. Observe that the API returns a 500 error.


  • It is not possible to retrieve the list of teams subscribed to boards that have “All from workspace” as a subscriber, which limits the functionality of managing subscribers via the API.


I would like to request:

  1. Any temporary workaround that can be used to avoid this error.

  2. A fix to allow retrieving team subscribers even when “All from workspace” is included.

  3. Clear documentation on how the inclusion of “All from workspace” affects subscriber queries.

Additional Information

  • API Version: 2024-07

  • Environment: development

Have you opened a ticket here yet? The official form for API and app issues.

No. I just opened

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Good! Because this is an odd one, esp. since I don’t even have an “all from workspace” team option to use to try to reproduce it! Which may be part of it in some way.