API - How to update the status of an Item


I’ve been looking over the GraphQL API for a while now and have been trying to find a way to update the status of an item.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to update column values please?


Hey Scott!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Glad to have you.

Check out our quickstart guides on this other thread: Announcement: API tutorial for PHP, Python, and Javascript!

Thanks for the links, however these guides only seem to deal with fetching and creating of items and I can’t see any examples of performing updates.

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Hey @asherrwood, in the last step, you’ll see a mutation that creates an item and updates its column values.

You can use the “update_multiple_column_values” mutation with similar arguments to update a status column (without creating a new item). Hope that helps!

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Thanks, I will look into update_multiple_column_values

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