API issue with checkbox

Hello - I am trying to populate an external form data into monday.com using the GraphQL API. When I try to create an item and populate a checkbox - it seems to set the checkbox to true even if the value provided is true or false.
When I do this:
mutation { create_item (board_id: 1409811733, item_name: “test_item_name”,column_values: “{“check”: {“checked”:“false”}}”) { id }}
mutation { create_item (board_id: 1409811733, item_name: “test_item_name”,column_values: “{“check”: {“checked”:“true”}}”) { id }}

It sets the checkbox to true. “False” does not matter. Is this a bug?

Hi @jasmined!

In this case, you want to clear the column value in your checkbox column like this:

This should work.

Thank you. I do not have much flexibility with the gravity form that i’m trying to send over to monday.com. I can send the values true or false but not have an if/else condition to check.

If false does not work - I will simply use a formula or automation to populate the value!

Hi @jasmined,

Do you mind letting me know a bit more about the workflow you’re looking to set up?

What if you can set the value to be either true or empty? So if it’s not true, the user doesn’t select an option at all.

Hello yes - I can set to true or empty. How would I pass the JSON string when its empty? Thank you

Hi @jasmined!

The JSON string would be empty, just like in the screenshot I sent above:


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