API Key Generation for Guests

As a project manager I share multiple boards with my client (as “Guest”), and also have multiple boards with internal only information. The majority of these are not private boards as we try to make information as accessible as possible across our teams.

One of my clients would like to access the Monday API to leverage this data in their reporting dashboard, however as a guest they are unable to do so. I can’t make them a viewer as then they can view sensitive internal content, an it’s not practical to make all our boards private.

Is there any other way my client can generate an API token as a guest?

Hey @Kate.D :wave:

That’s a great question!

Thanks for reaching out to the community and starting the conversation here. To be transparent with you, I can only confirm your initial hunch here that this would be an API feature request - it is currently not possible to create an API token for Guest-users only, and I’m afraid the only way to set this up would be making them a member.

I can definitely see how that wouldn’t quite work out in your specific workflow, so I’ve passed this on as a feature request to the team directly. Thanks for helping us make the monday.com API better :slight_smile: