API Migration Office Hour

Hi community!
The updated 2023-10 API version is stable and ready for migration.
Do you have more questions? Or maybe need a reminder of how it’s done?
We are here for you, to be more accurate, @dipro is here for you and he will meet you and have one last API office hour that will be focused on:
The topics we’ll cover:

  • New features & breaking changes in the updated version
  • Migration guide for product developers and account admins
  • Timeline
  • How to switch between versions

The online session will be held on Oct 25 @ 9:30am EST / 1:30pm GMT Want to attend this training? Register here .

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Hi, @dipro
Will this office hour be recorded? We were completely blindsided by recent updates (we’re new to Monday in so many ways) so we’re in a panic trying to catch up and get things updated on our side. But being on MST this event starts before my alarm even goes off for the day.

Hi @Cary
Thank you for sharing with us
Yes, the office hour will be recorded.
Also we recorded the last one and you can find it and all other resources in this post.

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