API version 2023-10 is stable: remember to migrate your applications

Hello wonderful community! Dipro here, dropping in with a quick note about the new API version that we’ve been discussing here for the last few months :crystal_ball:

Version 2023-10 is now stable, meaning you can confidently use it in production (as of Oct 1, 2023).

If you missed our previous announcements about this, here’s some context:

Why should I care?

This upgrade uses mondayDB, our new proprietary data infrastructure. It also contains quality-of-life improvements like sorting, filtering, and a more consistent way to access column data.

Note that there are breaking changes in this release - any apps using deprecated queries should update their usage by January 15th 2024 otherwise they might break.

What does this mean for me?

Application developers:
Rebuild the relevant logic in your apps to use the new API correctly.

Anyone using Make, Zapier, or other 3rd party integration tools:
These integration providers are updating their connectors. In the coming weeks, they will send you communication on what changes you’ll need to make in your workflow.

How can I learn more?

Read a list of all the changes – Release notes

Read this migration guide – Migrating to version 2023-10

Watch this recent training – API Migration Bootcamp