API to extract Monday data to Azure SQL Server

I need to build a datawarehouse for my customer. I want to know if there is an API to get data and if there is a data model to understand the Monday sources.

monday.com has a GraphQL API, so you can slice and dice data pretty much how you want according to the schema. Once you get past the basics of making calls, you’ll want to look at the items_page field on boards to see how to control pagination, filtering, sorting, etc. when retrieving items from a board. You can in addition, specify which columns you want returned, and fields from the columns.

Additionally, you can rather than have a bulk importer in your warehousing, set up recipes that send changes to the data warehouse, which you can translate into a data stream for processing.

Also check out the Developers section of the community - which is your best bet for asking API related questions. The one you’re in right now is about using apps and integrations, Developers section is for creating them.