API V2 Documentation - Really?

I’d call myself a medium level PHP developer.

I have to be honest, the API v2 is one of the most poorly documented and difficult API’s I’ve ever worked with.

I’ve integrated with secure Bitcoin trading platforms easier than it is to create a new pulse with an owner.

I’m having to hack already broken example codes from other people just to get a new pulse created with a simple name (still can’t figure out how to give it an owner!!).

How about giving us some example codes people can use to get started? Just a handful of examples in a few different languages for super simple things:

Here’s the full PHP code to get a list of pulses on board ID xxx into an array
Here’s the full PHP code to add a new pulse on board ID xxx, with owner ID xxx, and column value xxx

I appreciate API’s are built for advanced developers, but a few examples can literally save people days in getting off the ground with a few basic requests they can then adapt for their own needs.

The API V1 was 10x easier to manage and I’m really hoping you don’t discontinue it anytime soon as it will mean re-coding a hell of a lot of work in this API I can’t wrap my head around.

Looking at the replies on the few threads on this topic, I don’t think I’m alone in not knowing how to use this API to it’s potential.

P.s - I could really do with someway to download or at least move file attachments between board - any ideas when that will be available?


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Welcome to the community Ryan! Thank you for this frank feedback.

We’re working on adding more examples that could help you get off the ground quicker, but at the moment I don’t have a lot for you to work with. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I’ll pass this to our dev team that it’s something that would improve your use of the API.

Have you checked out the PHP and cURL examples in the community? Have you had trouble with them? Here are the links:
PHP Example
cURL Example

As for the file support, it’s something that is on our roadmap. That said, I don’t have an ETA for it just yet. We are aware that this is a highly-requested feature though, and I’m going to pass your vote for this along.