API v2 - Querying Updates

Hi All,

I am having some trouble getting the ‘Updates’ data I am after.

API v1 I am able to use this endpoint - “https://api.monday.com:443/v1/updates.json?api_key=<API_TOKEN>” to return Update data that includes, amongst other fields, ‘update_id’, ‘pulse_id’, ‘pulse_name’, ‘created_at’, ‘body_text’, ‘posted_by’, and ‘replies’.

API v2 I believe I need to use the following query - query { updates ( limit: 100 ) { body id } } - but I can not figure out how to set up this query to return all of the data that API v1 returns.

Any help on this would be appreciated I am fairly new to the API v2 so I may be missing something obvious!

It would also be good to understand how long Monday.com are planning on maintaining the API v1!



Hey @JamesCole95,
Currently these fields are not available for the updates query, but we are planning on expanding the fields of updates to include all of api v1 fields.
I will let you know here!

Hi @Ayelet

Thanks for the reply - that makes sense I am glad it is not me just missing something haha. I assume the v1 APIs will be functional until v2 is fully fleshed out?

Hey @JamesCole95 – yes indeed! We will give you plenty of notice when we start to deprecate the API v1 :slight_smile: