API v2 - Querying Updates

Hi All,

I am having some trouble getting the ‘Updates’ data I am after.

API v1 I am able to use this endpoint - “https://api.monday.com:443/v1/updates.json?api_key=<API_TOKEN>” to return Update data that includes, amongst other fields, ‘update_id’, ‘pulse_id’, ‘pulse_name’, ‘created_at’, ‘body_text’, ‘posted_by’, and ‘replies’.

API v2 I believe I need to use the following query - query { updates ( limit: 100 ) { body id } } - but I can not figure out how to set up this query to return all of the data that API v1 returns.

Any help on this would be appreciated I am fairly new to the API v2 so I may be missing something obvious!

It would also be good to understand how long Monday.com are planning on maintaining the API v1!



Hey @JamesCole95,
Currently these fields are not available for the updates query, but we are planning on expanding the fields of updates to include all of api v1 fields.
I will let you know here!

Hi @Ayelet

Thanks for the reply - that makes sense I am glad it is not me just missing something haha. I assume the v1 APIs will be functional until v2 is fully fleshed out?

Hey @JamesCole95 – yes indeed! We will give you plenty of notice when we start to deprecate the API v1 :slight_smile:

hey @JamesCole95,
just wanted to let you know we added more fields for updates!
you can see all the Update fields here: https://monday.com/developers/v2#queries-section-updates
let us know if you need any help constructing your new updates query.

I am trying to retrieve updates for a certain item. Is there no way to do it besides querying all updates and looking for the item id? That can’t possibly be right, can it? I only see limit and page as update query parameters. Please tell me I am missing something!

Hey @dataskills!

If you’re looking for the updates on a particular item (by item ID), you can use a query like this:

query {
  items(ids:131336342) {
    updates {

Let me know if that helps!


That helps a lot, thank you.

You might consider changing the documentation to make this sort of thing clear, especially for people that are new to graphQL/Monday. One would have to know or recall specific facts about the structure to realize this technique while looking at the Querying Updates documentation.

It seems inconsistent at first take. Most things I have been working with in this API can be queried directly with an id parameter.

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Sure thing! Thanks for the feedback – we’ll keep it in mind when creating developer resources for the API.