For the update coming by 15 January, is there any way to use those Api in development?

I know we can use updated queries in API playground, but we want to use it in development to do proper testing before releasing it on 15th! because new changes in API’s are not working in development.

You should be able to set the API version to 2023-10 in the request headers. This has been the case from September / October last year, see API Versioning

Thanks for the response,
I am trying to set the apiVersion using this method:
monday.api(‘query { account { id } }’, {
apiVersion: ‘2023-10’
.then(res => { … })
but it still shows 2023-07 version on network.

which version of the npm package monday-sdk-js are you using?

monday-sdk-js version currently being used is 0.1.4

I tried with 0.1.6 still did not work

Try version 0.4.11