Get version of app the customer is using with GraphQL?

Just thinking out aloud here.

If I have v1.0.0 of an app published, but then publish v1.1.0, all customers should automatically be upgraded to the new minor version.

If I add a new major version, then I believe that this may not be the case.

Can I query the API from within the app to see which version of the app monday•com is providing to the customer?

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Any thoughts on this @Matias.Monday ?

Maybe this could be added to the API?

Hello there @dvdsmpsn,

We do have a request for this but no ETA.

I have added your vote for this :grin:


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Not sure if that helps, but the app version is part of the context:

monday.get (search for “appVersion”)

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@xatxat I think that helps quite a bit. thank you :upside_down_face: