API version '2023-10': date field issue


In the old API, the ‘text’ of the Date field was returned based on the timezone of the user profile:

However, in the new API (‘2023-10’), the ‘text’ is returned in UTC:

This is causing our calendar app to display all date times incorrectly for users. Is there a way to obtain the ‘converted’ timezone date value without specifically retrieving the timezone from the user’s profile and performing additional logic on our own?

Br, YH

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hi @yarhuoy

That is a very painfull (and undocumented) change indeed. Did you contact the appsupport team on this one? If so, curious to know their reply. @Matias.Monday


Hey @yarhuoy and @basdebruin – let me look into this and get back to you about it. Will update here with my findings.

Hey team, this is indeed an issue - was able to reproduce it pretty easily in my demo account. Will pass it over to our R&D team to get it fixed!


hi @dipro

Can you confirm this will be fixed before API 2023-10 gets promoted to stable? In other words: is this considered a bug or not?

Yes, correct :slight_smile:

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This was fixed! FYI @yarhuoy @basdebruin

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Hi @dipro ,

I’ve confirmed that this issue has indeed been fixed! Thank you for your hard work!


Thank you for the kind words @yarhuoy !