App marketplace beta

Hey builders,

For those of you building public apps for the upcoming marketplace, here’s an opportunity to be considered for the beta phase. (When? Soon… That’s all we can say right now).

We are starting to review app submission and the first batch is due on Aug 24th. If you already built an app or are close to finishing your app - you can nominate it here.

If you have any questions (other than ‘when’) - this is the right place to ask!

Looking forward to an avalanche of apps,


Hey @amir :wave:
Very good news! If we want to submit 2 apps, can we submit 2 forms?

The answer is at the end of the form :grinning: (submit a new form for a new app).

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Hi @jeromeskiply - absolutely. Every app should be submitted separately.


This is a great first post for the community @amir! Doing a killer job mate. Great working together!