Apply a template to an existing baord

Would be great to be able to apply elements of a template to an existing board
For example
Select which groups on a template you want to apply to the board -
This would enable you to add selected groups to your board, rather than having to manually copy over duplicated groups from a temple board or Create a new board from a template.
The idea is based on having a board that has many linked items across multiple boards. I don’t want to create a new board from the template and have to redo loads of links every set time period. i just want a dropdown of available groups on the template select which ones you want, with option to include tasks subtasks
and apply to existing board. this would then add the selected groups Task/subtasks to my existing board. In the instance i would use this all my columns would be identical anyway
This could be further enhanced to include options to carryover Automations, & Views and more
Many thanks