Propagate changes to other boards

Hello. I’m getting Monday setup for our organization. I’m currently building/testing a template for managing our projects - we develop, permit, acquire funding, manage construction and more often now we are performing the construction for river/stream restoration projects.

This template contains groups and the tasks for all aspects of our work on new projects. As I build this, it seems every time I work with a project I’ve built using the template I find features that help to improve it. Once I get our staff onboard, I’m sure I’ll get even more change requests to help improve the process.

My question. Is there a way to easily propagate changes I make to one board over to others?

Let’s say I have several boards created using the template for my projects. I think of a cool new automation, or a new field for one of our tasks, or a new group of tasks entirely that would help our processes. I make these changes to my current board (or especially the template) - but I’d then like to push the change/s out to all of our project boards (or just some of them) so they contain these new features.

Is this possible?

Hey Mike,

Nice question!

The process is different for each feature you’re referring to. For example, if you want to utilise an automation recipe across multiple boards, all you need to do is save it as a template →

Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 2.51.49 pm

In regard to groups of tasks, would duplicating the group and moving it across boards be an option for you?

In terms of columns, the ability to create column templates is a feature available on our Enterprise plan.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Thank you, Bianca. This helps.

Though, I was hoping to hear there were group templates that I wasn’t seeing. But I’ll look into how to duplicate the group, maybe that would work if I could copy it over to each of our active project boards.