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If I am connecting columns, such as dates between a main overview board and the individual project boards, where I have a general column intended to be used for start date and end date that can be used across multiple task items that are asking for dates (i.e. proposed and actual install or applications start and end dates, so essentially 8 total tasks). With considering the way the system works, is it really best to have for each task create individual date columns when using the connect functionality?

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If you want to be able to drive any kind of automation around the dates, such as reminders and notifications etc, it’s advisable to set a date column specifically for each instance.

If you really do just have it as a generic start date and a generic end date with no other detail or specificity around it, you can stick with the two respective date columns. If you expect to be able to report against the data, like estimated vs actual, you’ll need the individual columns.

Happy to chat all things anytime - let me know if you want to figure it out further together :slight_smile: Nailing the set up in the first instance can save you so much trouble down the line!

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Thank you, Peta, for your insights. I greatly appreciate it and will find a path. I think what we will end up having is a not so easy on the eyes individual boards with way to many duplicate columns and the roll up main board will be “cleaner”.


Posting an update for my solution…

I ended up breaking the groups out from my project template, into their own individual board templates. This allowed me to limit the amount of Mirrored Date columns and connect columns per individual board (making it easier on the eyes). This also made it easier to Roll Up the information to the overview page.

Hi @ewertepny , thanks for updating us here of your solution. I actually published an article about your use case and also made a video. I hope this solution can help out in your use case

Hey @ewertepny!

Thanks for reaching out to the community! By using the “Creation Log Column” functionality, you can automatically add the date and time of creation for all new items on your board. It’s an easy way to keep track of the activity across multiple boards. You can also choose to display items based on a specific timeline. This allows you to plan all important project start and end times and keep every team member aligned.

If you need assistance related to project boards and column creation, hiring a consulting company is the optimal choice. They can build and deploy personalized boards and improve project management efficiency.