Date mirror issue

Hi all,

I work in real estate and have been trying to find the best way possible where I can link dates between multiple boards. My goal is to be able to edit the expected list date on my master lead board and have it change the dates within each specific property board. I have explored dependencies, and while they work great for in board use, they are practically useless when I try to use them across two or more boards. Currently, I am using the connect and link column, but that forces me to make a new two columns for every property board whos dates I want to link. With 20+ listings active at a time, this is not great organization wise. It seems crazy that I cant change the linked board in each item rather than creating a new column each time. Tips and tricks are always appreciated!

Hi @Lleaver

there is a new feature in beta which allows you to link multiple boards in the same column. and then you can choose the column on each board to mirror in your date column. Based on your description I believe this will solve your problem.

If you’d like help getting this feature enabled in your account. (it is in beta which is why its not on all accounts) I can help you. Just send me a direct message.


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@timlittletech that sounds like exactly what we need. I haven’t found any info on how to get that feature enabled on my account, so some help getting it set up would be amazing.

Thanks again for helping out.