As a user, I want to Pin more than 3 **Views** within the same board

As a user, I want to Pin more than 3 Views within the same board.

Use case:
Multiple teams are connecting to the same Board to consume the same data, but each team requires a specific view to display the relevant columns only, especially if they need to extract that information from Monday. Having these views displayed as “Tabs” instead of a “List/Menu” seems faster and more intuitive.

I agree. Only 2 pins permanently is not enough.


It’d also be nice to be able to rearrange the order that they show up, rather than simply showing in the order they’re created.


PIN option has been deleted ??

Hi @KarolB - No. It’s still an option, but currently you can only do it for 3 views. The request is for more Pins.

There is no longer a visible “PIN” option for everyone. Now there is “my favorite”, only visible to me
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