Board Views cannot be found because they are hidden in a dropdown, should be viewable via tabs

Views are awesome and a very powerful addition to the boards because of their flexibility and the possibility to add extra or filtered information to the boards.

Views are being used more and more by our teams, but I noticed team members often do not know whenever there is a new view, or easily forget about the views.

It would be great to be able to create Tabs from views. This way everyone entering the board can see the most important (not to be forgotten, daily to work with) views.
The tab created on the most left side could be the default board view.


Hope you like the suggestion!

By the way; I really like the ‘Set board as default option’!

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Would be a great addition to our team.

Team members are constantly forgetting that this is an option.

Tabs would be nice since everyone is already familiar with tabs in a spreadsheet.

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I was wondering if @monday-team Is considering to expand on the view functionality.

Today two clients asked me were they could find the switch to other views. Also teammembers oversee some views as they are to far hidden

I think to be able to create tabs would be a great and really ‘visual’ addition to the dropdown.


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Awesome @monday-team, thanks for this beautiful feature :pray: This will help getting team members and client to work with the different views.

So happy, but why the limitation of 3 items? This is inclusive the main view, so I can Pin 2 items?

Very happy with this feature update BUT agreed only being able to pin 3 things is a major limitation.

Having to scroll down past all other views to find a new/latest one is cumbersome and not optimal.

More pinning and update sorting order plz (either newest first or, better yet, alphabetical so we can have control over order)

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Can you guys confirm that this feature is broken? I can set the views as admin, but users assigned to this board, got different views as pinned. Standard is always back pinned again, pinned views by creator are in “all views” again.

In detail: I created 2 more table views (there seem to be no ordering as well, not alphabetic… i guess first created is first in list), pinned them. Unpinned standard. Created a timeline view.
So i want: Pinned 2 table views, one timeline.
On other account i get standard pinned again, timeline too, one of the costum ones.

I agree with you guys, the views are super handy.
But the presentation of the views is unfortunately not very successful. They are super inconspicuous and thus are overlooked extremely quickly. Additionally, they are also absolutely inaccessible in my version. I can’t even pin a view.

Can any of you explain to me if this is a setting or only possible in the Enterprise version? Or is this just a beta?

We have the Pro version. Surely you could expect something like this in the Pro Version?!
This is how it looks for us:

Hi @LaurinR , this looks like the ‘old’ filter and Views header. It used to be like this in our account as well.
It might work just to ask support to update this section on your account. I think Monday is AB testing quite a lot, so maybe that’s it.

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Hi @LaurinR - Click on your profile image and then go to monday labs. Activate the Board header v2 and see if you have the improved header. You can also update the Board filters there too.


Thanks @Eltjo and @PolishedGeek, :pray:
that’s exactly it. :100:
I have changed the settings and now I’m curious what the others say about it.
(I guess this will be a global setting for the whole team. So everyone will now have the new view of views (and filters) with pinning feature.)

I have already noticed, as @kolberg said, that the pinned views will not be global. When I go through the browser and not the app - of course with the same account - different views are pinned… :tipping_hand_man:
Has advantages as well as disadvantages. Everyone can choose their own preferred views. On the other hand…some may not use the new pin feature. :man_facepalming:

The limitation to 3 tabs is indeed a bit of a pity, especially because there would be much more space (depending on the screen :grin:).
The views/tabs also seem to be in a fixed order now. Generally I think that’s good. So you are not completely aimless when looking for the one view.
The disadvantage is the fixed order via the creation date of the view.
There would be a adjustability - if necessary via alphabetical and workaround - very cool. :call_me_hand:

Cheers Laurin

By the way, I have directly changed the filter view aswell.
Thereby, however, all existing filters in my views have been deleted.
That was a bit unfortunate… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Totally agree. I like the idea of tabs the best but I would settle for the ability to reorganize the drop-down menu.

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Any insight, @monday-team? We are using views more and more and I need people to be able to understand/navigate what I set up for them.

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