Assessment of team members in sprints (several scrum teams)


I do really your help! :wink:

Currently, I manage 10 scrum teams with 8 students each on a Pro plan. I use the “scream teams” from Monday Dev.

“Teams” have been created in Users and then allocated to each “Scrum Team”, which consists of 5 boards (Tasks, Sprint, Epics, Retrospective, and Bugs Queue).


Each student is evaluated 3 times in each sprint, where they receive a grade during the following meetings: m1-planning, m2-weekly-review, and m3-review.
I want to evaluate each student based on their progress in each Sprint. How can I have a board (or dashboard) where I can, for example, select the Team, the Sprint, and it lists all members for evaluation on that specific sprint?

Thank you so much!