Assign invoice number automatically to new items

As above, anyway to implement a invoice number for a new item added?
One that doesnt not require a paid for app hopefully? Already pay a fortune for Monday, adding so many apps just to do simple tasks is getting a bit annoying :sweat_smile:

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Use the Item ID column

item id

Unfortunately not sutible for my needs, or at least I havent worked out how to get it to do what im after xD

@BNBLEATHER we’ve used a formula column to calculate a unique ID based on the item id. That has given us the freedom to identify our items through numbers such as “B12345”. Would something like that solve your problem?

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Ideally it would be a number that would continue on from our existing invoices and count up from there, however I am thinking im only going to be able to achieve witha formular that may be abeilt random as you have suggested. I would love to give it ago to see if I can get it to match our needs at least to a small extent

Hi @BNBLEATHER - Don’t shoot the messenger…but there is an app for this that we always use for implementations. It’s a one time cost - Auto ID

Haha, no shooting required.
Trying to avoid paying for more stuff if possible, but may be only option it looks like since monday cannot handle a simple intergration like this at the moment