Auto Incrementing column

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to utilize general caster to generate a numerical value that automatically increments based on the previous number in sequence.

The Auto ID native column would be good, but the prefix doesn’t convert with exporting to .xlsx/.csv and I can’t mirror the value or move it.

Has anyone come up with a formula to make this happen?

Or better yet, used the General Caster formula with Status Trigger to find a successful option?

hi @DanCrum

Have you had a chance to look at the AutoId Column app (see Apps Marketplace). This is is used by over 1.300 monday accounts (not counting the monday partners) and the costs is only a small one-time fee. AutoID Column writes to a normal monday text column and that column can be mirrored as any other column. The prefix is highly customizable and will export to Excel.

Happy testing.

Hi Baz,

We tried the AutoID about 6 months ago for something else, and thusly exhausted the free trial. I think autoID would be the perfect fix, but I can’t showcase it for this use case any more. (This issue came up today).

Thank you,

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