How to modify the auto-number column settings?

Auto Number Settings is it possible to set up from what number to start.
For example- I have a service id number and I can put a Prefix witch is great but I wanted to start for example from AA450 and not from AA1 as I had that already on my database.

hi @Shev227

Welcome to the community. No, you can’t set a starting number in the auto number column. Furthermore the auto numbers generated will not “stick” with the item, if you move the item the generated number will change.

The good news is that the AutoID Column app in the marketplace does do exactly what you want (and much more :slight_smile: ). Give it a try and let me know.

Hello @basdebruin,

Does the AutoID Column app have a roadmap to support subitems?


hi @Mitchellcue

Yes, but it depends on to add support for subitems triggering webhooks and I don’t know if that is even on their roadmap.

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