Trimming the item ID via formula

We want to add a unique short number/ID to each item to reference to the item in other places but the item ID is longer than we want and the auto number doesn’t work because when we move the items between groups the auto number changes and it needs to be static.

I’m looking for a formula that would help. So if we have the Item ID and formula column, the formula column would a) add a prefix eg. UB- and b) display the item ID, less 6 characters.

Is this at all possible? Thanks!

Hey @dawnwrites , You can use Item ID and a Text column (as Prefix) when you mapping an item from a board to another to create an unique name.
Let me know if it’s helps

Hey Tara, thanks for your reply. I don’t need to map items from one board to another. However with some tests (and fails until I got a win) I found this works:

  1. Create an Item ID column
  2. Create a formula column
  3. In the formula settings, paste the following:

"YOURTEXT" & RIGHT({Item ID}, 3)

• Replace YOURTEXT with what you want to show as the prefix
• Replace 3 with the preferred number of last numbers in the Item ID

  1. Hide the Item ID column in the view

Hope this helps anyone else who has / will have the same need for a static auto number!