Item ID Column Customise & Row Question

Hi everyone.
I have quite fortunatly stumbled into Monday CRM when looking for a client management platform.
I’ve been pleased with Monday so far and have been able to adapt it quite well to my needs but I am foxed on one small issue. I am hoping someone here knows the answer as I have been unable to locate any support docs.
I have used the item ID column as a client ID to allocate a case number. It auo generates this and records it just fine and seems to suit that purpose.
BUT… It is a 10 digit string of numbers which is a bit long for what I need. I was hoping that it can be edited to say five number and maybe even have a letter start (although not vital).
Has anyone done this? Can it be done?

One other quick question as well, I am assuming that all the data that is shown across a row is locked to that row? It can’t be messed up by a random sort if accidently clicked. Had a nasty data mix up experience with an excel spreadsheet one!!


hi @PhoenixFS

Welcome to the community! The itemId itself can’t be changed, itemId’s are world wide unique and therefore it’s a long number. You can create your own ID with an app called Auto ID Column, but that will write a customizable ID to another column (not the itemID column). Hope that helps.

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Unique world wide! OK, hadn’t appriciated that. Not really necessary for us so will look at that app thank you.