Unique IDs and Item Column(First Column)

Hello Monday Community,

I am currently trying to create a automated Unique ID for our company’s project request and proposal workflow board. The problem is not being able to cast a unique ID which I’ve created using a formula to combine 3 columns together. None of the integrations I have tried let me cast into the first item column. Any Ideas?

Also, does anyone know if Monday plans on making and incorporating an intuitive Unique ID system that allows to be used as the item (first column). I find it silly that this isn’t already an option.


How are you generating the “unique” part of the value? Is it something you need to have generated or something you already have and just need to get put into the name column?

Column Magic has a “Text Builder” feature that can combine columns into the item name column (first column). You just pick your columns, and any dividers between them, and it will write the combined text pattern to the item name. It can be used in custom automations as well.

Hi Jared,

You can with the Advanced Formula Booster. It allows you to create a formula that targets the item name. You can combine 3 columns together easily. The AFB even offers an autonumber feature. If you need help settings this up, please let me know.

What if we could break free of the Formula column? and write formulas that update any type of columns? What if a formula could update multiple columns at once? This is possible with the Advanced Formula Booster app.


The app AutoID Column can generate unique ID’s (per board) that are written to the leftmost (name) column.

The unique ID comes from from answers filled out on a form that is submitted and then I use a formula to combine those 3 answers in the format of “Property Code-Suite/Unit-M&R001” The issue is taking the computed formula and making it the first column to be its unique identifier.

Definitely open to trying this idea if you have time to discuss further.

So there is not an increment of 001, 002, 003 being generated, but rather you’re just combining three responses to form questions into the name.

Text Builder, a part of the Column Magic app lets you simply create a text pattern in a message box specifying the field names to use and the text between them

{item’s Property Code}-{item’s Suite/Unit}&{item’s something}

Then it will write that pattern to the item name on item creation or whatever other trigger you are using.

This worked - Thank you!

Hi Jared,

Here is a quick video on how to achieve this with the Advanced Formula Booster:

Could you clarify what worked :slight_smile:

Using Text Builder by Column Magic to cast items in the first column. However I ran into another issue. When forms submit, its not always casting the full formula and sometimes leaving off the tail end “M&R0001”

Any Ideas why this might be?

set your automation up to trigger off changes of the Unique ID column instead. Whats likely happening is you’ve got the AutoID and Text Builder both using “when item created” as separate automations. The Text Builder is “faster” than AutoID sometimes, so it is reading before the Unique ID column gets, but not always.

“When Unique ID changes, write text pattern to item name” would be the recipe you want to create.

@basdebruin does AutoID support custom automation builder from a “When an item is created” trigger?

Hi @codyfrisch

No the app has it’s own trigger “When item is created” but does not expose itself to the custom automation builder.

Thank you, Cody. Your idea of changing the trigger to the Unique ID worked.

I’ve seen other set up multiple recipes that trigger off the columns you’re using, that way if you edit one, it updates the name. If that of course doesn’t break other things.