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I am trying to create a formula that concatenates text and creates a string based on the values of multiple different columns. This column would dynamically generate unique identifiers for items. “Rack ID,” “Bay,” and “Shelf” are all status columns, “Slot” is a numbers column, and “Unit ID” is an auto number column. I have tried using the names of the columns and also their column IDs as well, but I can’t seem to get it working. I keep getting the “Illegal Formula” error.

Here is what I have so far: “SCW.” + IF([Rack ID].name = “On Ground”, “Ground_#” + [Unit ID].value, IF([Rack ID].name = “Surplus”, “Surplus_#” + [Unit ID].value, IF([Rack ID].name = “Bucket Rack”, “Bucket_Rack_#” + [Unit ID].value, [Rack ID].name + [Bay].name + [Shelf].name + “.” + [Slot].value)))

How can this problem be solved?

hi @Onur

I am not a formula expert, there are other like @JCorrell that can most certainly help out.

I was wondering what kind of auto number column you use for “Unit ID”. The app AutoID Column (see can create unique ID’s and let you define the format of the generated ID, including the content of other columns like status columns you are using.


It’s not completely clear from your syntax what you are trying to do. But…

Try starting with this:

"SCW." & IF({Rack ID} = "On Ground",
   "Ground_#" & {Unit ID},
   IF({Rack ID} = "Surplus", 
      "Surplus_#" & {Unit ID},
      IF({Rack ID} = "Bucket Rack",
         "Bucket_Rack_#" & {Unit ID},
         {Rack ID} & {Bay} & {Shelf} & "." & {Slot}

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Thank you for the support, the formula you have provided works. It seems that the auto number column is not supported by formulas so I had to change it to a regular numbers column.

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