Formula Issue, don't want the 0 to show

I have one board that is a culmination of different boards where each item has a unique identifier (which are not in a consistent format). Some of my columns in this board are mirrors of other board formulas, others are text. What I’m trying to do is make a formula that puts all of these unique identifiers in one concise column; however, I keep getting 0’s in my results. I’ve tried IF’s, Nested IF’s, IF/OR, Concatenation, and the Divide by Zero and can’t seem to get it.

The current formula I have, enters 2 IDs (1 mirror and 1 text) as I want, but the 3rd doesn’t show up either at all or, if I add an additional string, adds 0’s on everything. I just want all 3 IDs to be in the same column, with nothing extra. Please help.

Current formula (where Product DCR No. and .QMS DCR are from mirror columns and Issue No. is a text column):
IF({Issue No.}<>“”,{Issue No.},IF({Product DCR No.}<>“”,{Product DCR No.},IF({.QMS DCR}<>“”, {.QMS DCR},0)))

This picture shows the “0” issue I’m having.
(Formula: IF({.QMS DCR}<>0,{.QMS DCR},0)& IF({Product DCR No.}<>0,{Product DCR No.},0)&IF({Issue No.}<>0,{Issue No.},0)