Blank zero's for a duplicate column formula

This may seem redundant but I want a duplicate column to show me the same numbers from a different column which I can do, however, I want the cells to be blank if there’s no number in it??

I tried many variations of this even w/o the “IF” and I can get my numbers I just don’t want the zero’s for the empty cells??



Hi Rich,



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@GCavin thanks…yes, it worked with the >0, however, how can also include negative numbers? I tried this <>0 and it didn’t work…sorry i don’t remember the proper syntax for both below and above zero…


Your syntax is correct. I am not sure why it doesn’t work. But this seems to work: :thinking:


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@GCavin thanks agin…that last suggestion with multiple IFs worked! clue why my trys didn’t work :+1: