Can we auto populate item_id in place of item name?

Can we auto populate item_id in place of item name?
eg: like row 1 and 2 which I added manually


You will need the App called General Caster… you can then add…

Automation: When an item is created perform FORMULA and cast to ITEM NAME
Set the Formula to the Item_ID field.

Haven’t tried, but should work.

@dhawlandra382, @MHaigh

Column Magic has a recipe that does exactly that:

Just select an Item ID column for special column and Name for suitable column.

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Thank you it’s working

Thank you it’s too nice

Hello. Has “special column copy” been removed from Column Magic? I’m not seeing it as an option when trying to build a custom automation. Thanks!

It has not been removed, however due to limitations, the special copy can’t be used in custom automations.

However there is a workaround, with Column Magic still. There is another action you can use in custom automations “Write Text Pattern to Name [BUILD NAME]” which lets you create a text pattern (that can be just the item ID column) to write to the items name. But you’re not limited to just the item ID with this, you could include other column values or custom text alongside.

Thanks. Can I use auto number fields in the name?

Unfortunately auto-number fields don’t exist in the database, the values are generated in your browser. So we can’t get them to use them. At this time we have not implemented something to generate our own (and if we did, they would not match the auto-number column).

Alternatively you can use the AutoID Column app that generate ID’s in a normal text column (or the the leftmost name column)