Item ID for an item changes when a copy of this item is created on another board

I have an Item ID column on both Board #1 and Board #2. When I create an item on Board #1, it generates the Item ID. I have an automation set up when status changes to something on Board #1, it creates a copy of the item on Board #2. My problem here is that when the copy of the item gets created on Board #2, it generates a different Item ID than Board #1.

Is there any solution for when an item from Board #1 gets copied to Board #2 to have it create the same Item ID?

I understand I can just mirror the Item ID column from Board #1 to Board #2, but this will not work for what I am trying to create (I can’t use this as a work-around).


Hello @Liam01 ,

I don’t think that is possible because no two items can have the same ID.
When you copy an item over, a new item is created and the column contents from the original item is copied (re-created) on the target item.

Hi @Liam01 :raised_hand:

We’ve actually done something similar using an app called General Caster. General Caster allows you to use excel style formulas to “cast” results into things like text and number columns.

First, you have to have an Item ID column on the board. Then, we have an integration with General Caster that says “when item is created perform [formula] and cast result to [text/number column].”

The “formula” is just the {item’s Item ID}, and that will be cast to the text/number column (we usually call this the [company name] ID column). Then, when automation triggers the creation of the item in Board #2, you can map that value to a [company name] ID column in Board #2.

I hope this makes sense - it took quite awhile for us to figure this out haha. I’d be happy to walk you through it if you need.

@greg_elevate anything you’d add to this?

Tanner Consultant

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We used this solution for our big enterprise client and it worked fantastically. It does require a General Caster subscription if you’re generating a lot of ID numbers!

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Thanks Tanner. Sounds interesting. Does this work with subitems also?