Automation for creating multiple items based on value

Hi, I want to do something similar to this post (Create an automation to create multiple items based on the column - #2 by BiancaT) but the suggested fix doesn’t seem to be working.

Instead of being linked to a status change, I want this to function when an item is moved from one board to another and it is replicated x number of times based on a number column (see pic). However, when the item is moved to the board, nothing is replicated. Can you assist?

Update: I’ve just tried running the automation using ‘3’ as the criteria, and instead of nothing happening, the duplication process doesn’t stop - i.e., items get continually created until I go in and turn off the automation.

Hi There,

I would do a create item instead and if you want to map the fields from the original you can. Duplicate is good to use in the same board.

Item create gives you more options.

Hope this helps!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thank you for the help. I’ve tried the following and still have issues:

Board 1

Board 2

And it seems that regardless of what the Number is, it will duplicate the entry but not keep the Item name for the duplicate

I’ve also tried doing this when setting the Number criteria to be equal to 3 and again the duplication process keeps occurring (i.e. doesn’t stop until I switch off the automation).

I would appreciate any help you can give!

Hi There,

Can you possibly describe the use case a bit more so I can understand what you are trying to accomplish?

I would never use the duplication automation unless on the same board as it has no end point. Currently what you set up is a loop. I would go more towards a create item as many times as you need an item.

If I understand your use case with context I think we can brainstorm a better fit!


Mike B
Automation Architect

Hi, my apologies, I misinterpreted what you suggested in the previous response - I thought you were suggesting to alter the automation from “when item is moved” to “when item is created”.

The use case for this is fairly simple. One Board 1 we will be retrieving information from an online form and storing the pertinent information here. In Board 2, I will have a new set of columns but will include couple of columns from Board 1 including the Item name, which for us designates the Project name. On Board 2 we need this Project listed x number of times depending on how many tests we are going to perform for the Project. To make things easier on my staff, I would like the Project/Item replicated based on the number of tests (i.e., Number of Assays column) which is information transferred over from Board 1.

This is not a hugely important automation and we have been manually creating a new item up until now, but if I can automate some more features I’m sure my team won’t complain!

Hopefully that is clear - let me know if any further clarification is needed!

You could instead do a subitem create so that you avoid the loop issue and it captures the number of tests under the parent request that is copied and connected from your form board?

Hope that helps. At this point, if you are needing help with this build would recommend reaching out for a consult!

Mike B
Automation Architect