Item duplication to infinity

I am working on an automation for a board with a form. Ideally, when a form submission comes in, given certain responses, the item will be duplicated and the copy will be moved to another group on the board. However, every time I do this automation for a process that involves duplicated a newly created item, it also duplicates the new copy created, and just spirals out of control, duplicating items over and over again forever until I get in and turn off the automation.

It is possible to use “when a new item is created, duplicate it” in a way that just does this once and doesn’t also duplicate the new copy that is created (and the one after that, and the next one, and the next one…)?

Hi David,

“When an item is created, duplicate it” is indeed causing a loop. You need to find something that only happens when the form is creating the item. E.g. set a status (to Form). Then, before duplicating the item you change this status. Something like this: