Update existing items via import using unique ID column for mapping

When importing items from excel in order to update existing items, it is only possible to map these items via the item name or date columns which are often not unique and as such this feature is very limited especially with larger data sets. If it would be possible to use the item ID column which is unique to map the existing items this would enable much better update capability of existing items on a board.

This would make cleaning and updating data in large Monday boards so much easier. The item ID column seems made for this feature.

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it would seem to me that this feature is a no-brainer, we currently have a number of boards with large data sets and need to manually add-in a unique ID number to the item name so that we can properly map the data when we need to import data which we do in order to sync the data with other sources.

This feature would reduce a significant amount of manual work arounds and reduce the margin for error.

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A workaround I did use that worked okay was to add in the Item ID column, export to Excel, make my updates in Excel, then convert the Item ID column to a text column before re-importing. Then, when you re-import , you can use the text version of the ID column as your matching column.

That being said, as you said, using the ID number column for the unique ID (vs a workaround) seems like a no-brainer.

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Hello Monday Team,
Please revisit this feature request. This will really add value and it makes a million sense to add this feature since you already have unique IDs assigned to each created items automatically at the back end.


Agreed! Please revisit this request, it is much needed.

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