Importing Excel Data and Creating automation

I have a Board, I am each week, importing in a large Excel File with Data.
I have the column’s matching - mapping from excel to my columns is easy
I choose the “overwrite” based on one column with unique values
All this is working well

I have a Status column for Weekly Import Status
If it is a new item - it changes the status to “new item”
I’m struggling with two others

  1. Any one of 4 columns could have updated - I want it to change the status to “Updated Info”
    But… since it overwrites and creates the item - it changes it to “new item” as above…

  2. If the item already existing in the board - and it did NOT import this week (meaning it’s no longer in the list)
    I want to see this - not sure where to start with this one?

Any ideas or thoughts?