Allow Excel Imports to Update Existing Board Items

Currently, when importing from Excel, there is no way to prevent duplicates or to update existing items on a board. It would be ideal if upon Excel import you could select an option to update existing item column values if the item name matches.

We use a board to track collaboration with external parties around a sales pipeline and need to regularly update the status of the items from our sales system on a regular basis, but would like to keep the updates from the collaboration. Currently, there is no way to do this (outside of using the API).

@PegaChris It looks like this is possible via “New Item” > “Import Items” on a board, but I have not been able to make it work properly during my testing. Each time I try the option to “Create New or Update Existing Items” and “overwrite existing items based on (blank)”, it just adds my excel data as a new item/pulse/row.

This is would be extremely useful for my team as well, so if anyone has had success or a rep could chime in it would be appreciated.