Update existing item using excel if there are multiple duplicate items

I have uploaded an excel to an existing board. It is a list of clients (client name 1st column) and I am just looking to update the clients that are already there to add in 1 reference number in a text column. This is working as and upload and adding in the reference number for clients that are already there.

The problem is some of these clients are on the board 2 or 3 times, the upload process is updating just 1 of those clients. Anyone know a way to make sure it uploads all 3 when doing an import?

Hi Andy,

This isn’t an option using the monday.com upload. In my experience, it just finds the first item.

My question would be: why are the clients on there multiple times? Perhaps an alternate structure that held clients a single time on another “Clients” board that linked to your current board would be preferable. That would prevent storing the same data multiple times.

Whenever you accept storing data multiple times in separate places, you’re building up some kind of tech debt by going against database principles. Monday.com has connection functionality and other options to solve this problem structurally.

This might not be what you wanted to hear! But good solution architecture will have many positive knock-on effects.

My other question would be: what differentiates the client items that are repeated on your board? What other purpose does your board serve? Perhaps that is what needs a unique ID and what you could use on your import, rather than the clients which, as you say, are repeated.

Again, not what you’re looking for perhaps, but getting monday.com to play nicely starts with a solid foundation.

Hello @andyoungy,

You can check out the Duplicates and Uniques app. It enables you to update multiple items.
Here is a demo of how

Hi Francis, thank you for the update and suggestions. Understood about the data and in all other boards we have I would agree completely. However, this board is a list of transactions that are passed from our ERP system using the API’s. Therefore, there are multiple transactions per client each with some slightly different details but all based on the same client ID from our in house DB.

Since the board was created we have since found some other data we would like to add to these existing pulses and I wanted to back fill this ID to save some time. In the future this new data will be passed with the API but I was trying to be clever and update the existing pulses in bulk first.

It isn’t the end of the world that I can only do one of the clients so I might go with what we have so far. Thanks again for putting time in to trying to help me.

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I will check it out, thank you for the suggestion