Looking for Solutions to manage duplicate items

Hellow Monday Community!

I did some hunting in the community board so apologize if this is somewhere but after 30mins I have given up…this is a job for AI…smile…someday soon i imagine!

I have an issue with the need to Track Products & Clients in the same board+group.

My Challenge is…I need a way to Track the same Product being ordered/used by different Clients.

From that challenge is another challenge I then need a way to report the number of product(s) being tracked by client. So my clients should usually be different (excluding re-orders from this challenge) but my products could be repeated several times on my board and when I try to create a Report using a Formula (for example) I don’t know how to exclude any duplicated to state the product once ib my reports??

Product A - Client A
Product A - Client B
Product A - Client C

I need a way to calculate/report that I have 3 clients that ordered Product A in a sumary format???

I’m at a bit of loss and want to avoid multiple boards so hoping there is a fancy FORMULA to save the day! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

ps…i’m unable to use 3rd party integrations so I’m stuck with native Monday functions only!

Hi Rich,

You should post a screenshot of your set up. Product A is an item? a sub-item? a column? Same questions for Clients.

@GCavin ok, a sandbox setup. I’m looking for a solution that will give me this kind of answer:

of Clients by Product type thing…

Clients = 3
Products = 1