Auto fill date range formula

Surely I’m missing something obvious on here.
I’d like to have a column that auto fills the dates for the whole group.

It seems if you use the date column you have to manually enter it everytime… is there maybe a formula? or am I missing something else simple?


Please and thank you

Hi @J.Low !

It looks like in your scenario that you could benefit from using dependency columns. Dependency columns work great if you are trying to duplicate a group but just shift a date.

Monday actually has a very thorough article about how to set it up and how it works here!

If you are trying to use the same structure of the group you are sharing, I have no doubt this can help you with future groups like this.

Hope this helps!

Hey @J.Low!

You will have to manually enter the dates but a way to do this faster via automations would be to use @jailynnlucidday’s suggestion of dependencies.

Also, you could set up a Formula Column instead of a Date Column and use an ADD_DAYS formula function.

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