Auto-ID column (more dynamic)

Hi @hlopezvc and thanks to all those that voted and shared feedback. We’ve discussed your request with the relevant development team and they agree with the need for a more dynamic ID column. As of now, making the ID shorter and more customizable is not immediately planned, but we are working on adding a prefix to the item-ID column.

We would love to keep hearing how this feature would impact your workflow. Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing the features that our users care about the most. So keep voting and sharing feedback. It makes a difference.

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We use Monday to track our design projects/tasks through the business. The volume of projects that we work on during the year can be in the 1000’s. In order to track these features our previous Project Management software allowed us to generate an incremental custom “Project Number” in the format YY-XXXX. This then allows us to find the correct artwork for the job, reprints, etc.

The feature we want is an incremental custom format number that increases +1 with each new pulse. The pulse ID doesn’t work as the numbers aren’t incremental with each new pulse in our board plus they can’t be customised.

Our current workaround is to have a board - “Backlog” - which has a series of blank projects generated with incremental numbering in a text column. The issue we have with that is that because I have generated each project, I am also subscribed to all of them, but don’t need to be. Also, we have to go in and update the “blank” list when we start running out.


Hello all,

Coming here to request an easy way to connect items where the ID columns match in different boards using the automation pictured here (hopefully without having to buy a third party integration).

I have a workflow that involves 3 boards. The item ID is created on Board 1 and I can get it to copy over to boards 2 and 3 using a text box and selecting the Item ID column to fill it, but once it hits Board 3 where I am trying to use it to connect this board with Board 1 in order to mirror specific columns, I don’t get the option to match the values in the Item ID on Board 1 to match to the text column ID on board 3.

I don’t have any other matching values that I can connect the boards by and I do not want the information that I am trying to mirror to show up on Board 2.

Will the option to connect via Item ID to mirror column data be available any time soon???

I am very frustrated to find that the status on this has now been changed. I had previously read that a board level ID was on the roadmap for Q4 last year (I know this is the case because I shared this information internally and now have people following up to see when it’s happening). I came back to see the latest update and find this has now changed. This is a big blocker for us in our dev team. How on earth can you reference ticket numbers that are so long? Adding a prefix won’t help this usability issue.

Hi Juliette,

Adding to the earlier comments, this is a major requirement for our business too, so we would appreciate if this was moved up the priority list.

Many thanks


Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you and tell you about our new feature process Thanks for your feedback. We want to let you know that we are launching a new feature request process to give you more visibility into our product roadmap. As part of the new process, every quarter will discuss top voted features from the community and give you a status update.

As you may have noticed, we have also been condensing old and new comments and threads to clean up this category and so things might look a little different. With our new process, we are providing more transparency into our future development plans with the community and are excited to share them with you.

I just want to add to the mountain of sentiment for this being an actual must-have for any real software development boards. You cannot say to your coworker or manager, “Hey, check out ticket 5123471414”. And if you’re using Auto Number and say “Check out ticket PROJ-123”, well, you can’t even search for Auto Numbers with an included prefix. You have to search only “123”, and that’s gonna bring up any number of matching Item ID results unless you change your search settings.

Please understand: the lack of search functionality is not a feature request; it is a bug.

At the very least, the “auto number” column needs to be searchable. A prefix of “PROJ-”, which generates values like “PROJ-123”, is only searchable by “123”. Searching “PROJ” brings up 0 results.

But the best solution is the same as what everyone else is saying. Allow us to customize the Item ID (and thus permalinks to items/tickets). At least fix the Auto Number field to be searchable. What is that column even for, if you can’t even search on it?

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This should literally be the first feature added to any board/item system. If you have more than 10 items in a board it becomes impossible to talk about them without a field like this. It makes collaboration extremely difficult and time consuming.

Has anyone found a workaround using the formula column that they’d be willing to share? I see this one is under construction but it would be great to have something in the meantime.

Another vote for an AutoID function that allows us to set the first # and then assign the next number up each time we add an item to a board. The Order # is the one constant through our various systems - CRM, Design, WIP, Accounting etc. Need a unique # that is searchable, non-editable and not reusable.

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Also voting for an AutoID function to be built in rather than using a third party app. My team is currently using for its’ HIPAA compliancy and have been facing extreme limitations as AutoID does not extend to apps beyond our BAA with Monday. The last update from June 1st did not provide feedback in regards to progress on this issue.

Previously in Jan, it was mentioned that you all have been working on adding a prefix to the item-id column. Is there an update on when that might be resolved?

Hi all,

We are using auto number column from the column center on several board.
We are using them to prioritise project.
We need to see this project prioritization on other board with mirror column.
The fact that is not possible is a great issue on our side. This is This considerably limits the interest of Monday.
So if you can quickly plan this feature requests it will a huge progress on our side.
I’m very happy to support this if needed.

It is a one time fee of 41 Euro :slight_smile: See also:

@basdebruin i am looking at using this for a PO functionality, where the user will get notified of a PO number once the order has been approved. What it doesn’t give me is the ability of emailing the user back with the Auto ID generated PO number, as this isn’t listed when you automate the notify. Is this able to be done? Ive used {PO Number} as this is the name of the Auto-ID generated field.

hi @RichardL

Welcome to the community. When you use a normal text column (not the read-only column) the column should be selectable in the notify automation. The notify automation accepts {columnId} and NOT {column name}.

@basdebruin thanks for the info. I managed to find out the column id, but even using this, it doesn’t bring the value, it is just showing {auto_number} instead of 001 or 002 for instance. Is this because its not a readable field? Do i need to duplicate the column in text somehow?


Are you writing the generated ID to a text column or a read-only column?

Exciting update! This feature is now on the roadmap will hopefully be released in Q2 of this year! After reading your feedback, our boards team is working on improving your boards experience, including making the auto id column more dynamic.

Our community will be the first to hear about status and updates for the top requested features, so make sure your notifications are turned on!


@Julietteb please please please have your team add the necessary support in the API so that the auto-id column can be retrieved by a GraphQL API call. The auto-id column isn;t useful to me, no matter how you enhance it, if I can’t bring it into my Power BI rpeorts.

Hi @Julietteb,
I wanted to mention this feature request to stop adding (Copy) to names, which I believe could be integrated as part of this improvement? A unique identifier column, even if operating in the background would prevent the need to change the name as there is still a way to distinguish between the tasks.

Thanks, Excited to see this one implemented along with many others it would seem!