Auto-ID column (more dynamic)

Hi @amber, I thought you might be interested in a current proof of concept:
My company uses a 6-digit randomly generated ID for our Sleep Sound youtube videos. For the past 6 years, I’ve just programed a javascript random number generator to create unique items like “#873834”, which we then tag on all assets associated with a project (movs, wavs, mp4s, etc). When moving from Google Sheets to Monday, I had to create a script to generate these numbers, but it would be wonderful for this to be done automatically right inside Monday!

Here are my requests:

  • The ability to specify the number of Digits (in our case, 6-digits)
  • Since this feature would be coming in after many of us have already created ID systems, we need the ability to manually change IDs for existing entries.
  • Prefixes, Suffixes, and Formatting would be greatly appreciated. Obviously we could leverage Formulas to do that, but that would require a second column
  • The ability to have leading Zeros, even if the generated ID is less than the number of digits: eg: “005744”

Thanks for these and other considerations!

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Hello Amber,

Our primary application for the Auto ID feature is in generating invoices, each with a unique, sequential invoice number. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered limitations with the current itemID column, as it does not provide the sequential ordering we require. Moreover, the existing Auto ID column falls short of our needs for an invoice numbering system, as it lacks permanence.

For our purposes, the introduction of a new AutoID column would be greatly beneficial, particularly if it could be integrated within our automation processes to update another number column accordingly. This feature would be invaluable in managing both standard and cancellation invoices, which are integral to our billing operations. Specifically, we envision a scenario where each invoice is assigned a unique Auto ID, such as INV-000444. Should we need to cancel an invoice, we would generate a new item within the same board and apply this unique Auto ID to a different number column. Subsequently, by utilizing the formula column, we could designate this entry as a cancellation invoice, for instance, CAN-000444.

This functionality would greatly enhance our ability to accurately track and manage invoices, ensuring each cancellation directly correlates with its original invoice ID. Implementing such a feature would streamline our processes, making the management of financial documents both more efficient and error-free.

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Thank you for your suggestion to improve the functionality for generating and tracking account numbers. I understand the importance of automating this process for your company. I propose to discuss your proposal at the next meeting and consider the possibility of introducing a new AutoID column in the system.

We would also love to have an automatic ID option.
The ideal implementation for us would be to have an Auto ID column, and then a button or option to copy the project’s name and ID as a single string. I.e.: “[HW-123] Do something important today.”
A custom prefix 1-4 characters long would also be great. Board names tend to be long, or at least full words. Repeating that all over the board in every row wouldn’t be practical.

Another note. When a Project is moved to another board, I would like its ID regenerated with the destination board’s next ID. So let’s say I have an ID prefixed HW and one with MGM. If i have a project HW-123 and move it the other board, I’d expect its ID to change into MGM-987.

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