Auto-ID column (more dynamic)

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The criteria you listed here are all part of the AutoID Column app which can be found on the monday marketplace. Happy to discuss if you have specific requirements that are not met by the app mentioned.

Hi @basdebruin

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t realise you were external to until I read a little more, but you seem to have addressed what so many are seemingly asking for on here (to be added as a base need and not at an additional cost). I have no doubt it will do what we want. What does it cost? I can’t find any info anywhere.

Have you been approached by the team to simply get this item properly integrated into their base app?

I would agree with most on this thread that it’s such a basic need that it needs to be “in” the base product and not treated as an additional or special item. Someone described Monday as becoming a “Spider’s Web of 3rd party code” which is what it could turn into. I’m not suggesting that anything is untested or could go wrong but if the app is full of this kind of thing, how can it possibly be monitored? I’m sure you could negotiate and see revenue from your work this way too whilst also improving the user experience for all.


hi @leigh

I don’t think monday wants to “buy out” external developers. The whole idea of having monday apps is to get more 3rd parties on board. If they want to have AutoID in their offering they can do that. I can only speak for the version we build. All information can be found at 10|AutoID Column | Excellent Team

Hi @basdebruin

We are new to and in need of a unique ID. Our requirement is similar to other postings. Our format is YYYYMM-unique ID. I’ve created a merged ID using a formula however the unique ID is manual.

  • Need AutoID - Incremental 3-4 digits - must be unique/single use
  • User-defined prefix = Year & Month selected from drop down
  • ID Must stay with item & be sort-able

Will Auto-ID column work for our use?

hi @jtfrosch21

Welcome to the community. Yes Auto ID support that format, you need to enter {year}{month}-{id} in the this format text box of the recipe. See screenshots

It than generates:


Hi, @basdebruin how do you put this into the name field of an item?

hi @cstallcup

If you delete the text column that is originally used to configure the AutoID, the app will write into the name column instead.

I still don’t see the cost of the plugin? It says 10 day trial, but how much after that? Thanks.

Hi @shellyblake

Welcome to the comunity. Unfortunatly the monday marketplace can’t handle trial and costs for the same app. All information (including pricing and detailed document) can be found on our app-store at Downloads Archive | Excellent Team. Price listed in our app-store are one-time charges.

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@basdebruin hi, I am trying to use the autoid to name the new items as BUG {autoid} the format. I am successful with any item that is added. My issue is that the items are also connected and synced through github, I am see an issue where if the item is updated on github and subsequently updated on Monday through the integration, the AUTOid naming disappears. Is what i’m trying to accomplish here feasible?

hi @cstallcup, Chris,

As I understand is that adding an item is generating the expected ID. Is the column you have configured for the AutoID part of the sync process with github? The app doesn’t do any magic once the AutoID is written to the text column, it is just a normal test column. It looks like the sync process monday > github does not include this AutoID column and the reverse github > monday does include the column. What happens with just another text column where you enter text manually, does that “survive” the github sync?

@basdebruin it does look like if it were another text column it does survive the github sync

hi @cstallcup as the generated AutoID Column is just a text column I suspect something is going on with the github sync process. At what time / event do you sync with github. If you do that on an item create event it is very well possible that the AutoId is not generated yet as it also is triggered by the item create event. Unfortunately there is no option in to set the order of events.

Do you think that could be the issue here?

yeah i’m fairly certain nothing can be done within this scenario. I currently have it set for Monday to update/sync any changes when there’s an update or comment added on GitHub. With that in mind it will always reset the “name” to the “issue name” on github and then wipe out the AutoID I set up for the name column. The only workaround is as you suggested, creating a separate column for AutoID.

I think that is indeed the only option. Apparently the item name is synced to Github before the item name is changed by AutoID.

@basdebruin hi there! I’m using your AutoID++ on many boards in our account. For some reason it has started acting oddly and is giving me null values - my format is PROJ1-0001 but instead, all of the sudden, I’m getting PROJ1-null - not sure where i can look to debug. I’ve deleted and re-created the automation a number of times.

hi @DonnoC ,

From what I can see the board where you see this issue is created out of a template or from duplicating another board. Can you let me know how this board is build (from scratch, from template where autoID is part of the template, of from a board duplication).

We found some null values in our database and have updated them to “0”. We also made sure the app can’t write null values into the database anymore.

Please test again and let me know how it goes.

To all ID fans :slight_smile:,

AutoID Column now support writing to the (leftmost) name column directly from the recipe. No need to create a text column first and then delete it. Just upgrade the app (Avatar>Admin>Apps) and you will notice the column selector now includes the “Item Name” column. When you pick this column for holding the ID and the ID format is e.g. {name}-{id}, a new item which is named “My new item” will be renamed to “My new item-001” (where 001 is the sequence number).

Also: a sister app called AutoID Subitems is available on our app-store, see 15|AutoID Subitems - Excellent Team and will be available in the marketplace soon.

The AutoID Subitems app supports column fields from both the parent item and the subitem. It works very nicely together with AutoID Column by entering this format: {p.autoid}.{id}

  • where autoid is the columnid where AutoID writes its ID in the parent

The result will be: “ID-100.01” where 100 is the ID of the parent and 01 is the sequence number of the subitem. See detailed document at:

Happy ID-ing.