Auto-ID column (more dynamic)

This would definitely help me with my workflow.

Hi @rsweatjr, Richard,

Good to hear. It is still early days in the monday apps world. I am adding another layer of security and flexibility to my apps. Although it is perfectly fine to use the existing app / feature in trial mode, please understand that somewhere in the next 30 days you might need to remove the app and install the version I am currently working on.

The basic functionality will not change, the change is only internal design and security.


I’ve created the function using Integromat. It can be done. But, it is not for the faint of heart.

For most people, I would recommend using @basdebruin’s solution.

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@JCorrell That looks like a labour of love!

And here I was thinking that you could just retrieve the column values, find the maximum, increment it by 1, and write it to the newly created item.

Obviously there’s more steps there than I thought.

Well done. :slight_smile:

Wow, wish I had that kind of patience to sit and work through that receipe

LOL, Maybe not everybody needs all that…

That scenario has a flexible key format, can include text, the year, and month, counter length is variable and has user defined counter reset trigger. Multiple boards can use the same counter and each have the “key” update a different column. I wanted something my users could use on any board without doing any coding changes. The initial need was one in the for AA{YYYY}{MM}(3 digit counter} (e.g.: WA202007123) with the counter automatically resetting each month.

I thought I’d try a simple version and put this together this morning. Everything is hard coded to a specific board. The counter is stored in a specific item in the board. Once set, the item storing the counter is archived (so it can’t be messed with).

Here it is:

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I tried and failed at the Webhooks bit! :man_facepalming:


That looks much more streamlined, Jim!

I was thinking that there could be scope to use the Integromat Data Store to maintain the latest value that’s been written to a given board.

That probably won’t reduce the number of steps in the scenario though.

Whatever works at the end of the day. :slight_smile:

Hi! Do you have any good news on this? I see in the thread above that there are some workarounds available, but to me they are a bit too complicated and not aligning with the other so simple-to-use Monday :slight_smile:


hi @johan.n

Have you tried the AutoID Column app? If you find it too complicated I would love to hear. Maybe I can make adjustments to make the app as easy as all the other monday features.

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Hi @basdebruin! Just by looking at the screenshots, your app seems to solve the issue. This should really be an out of the box feature :wink:


Just adding for the Monday team that I recently implemented at my company, and this is definitely a feature we need. Gonna try the suggested workarounds in this thread for now.


any news on this feature please? it’s essential!

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Any update on this? We require this feature as well.

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Hi @J-Dog and @mpsyop!

At the moment, we don’t have updates just yet, but I’ve just sent this feedback along directly to our Autopilot and Product Team just now, as I can definitely hear where you’re both coming from!

Have you already tried out some of those workarounds described above in this thread, by chance?

Yes I am trialing Bas de Bruin’s seemingly excellent fix which I am pleased he has provided. However, if I am constantly having to pay external devs for simple but essential features (which also have high automation and action costs by neccesity) then I will ultimately take my business away from Monday. I don’t need a CRM that is a spiders web of workarounds and fixes at additional cost.

It’s worrying too that you have removed your development roadmap from public view as it at least allowed users to look forward to some of the changes they have requested. Now it’s more of an update lottery to see if updates will include features that are applicable to my business model or not.


I will add my thoughts on this (posted in other similar thread):

Im wondering how is gonna proceed with this.


  • There is a feature request long time requested by users like this one.
  • The avaliable workarounds doenst meet this basic requirements.
  • Also there is a solution for a price with an App that really does what we want.

Questions are:

  • Will you build a native solution for this? Or when an App Builder takes advantage and build a basic feature that you dont will stay out of the way so as not to discourage developers?
  • If a basic feature solution is avaliable in Apps shouldn’t buy this app and add it to the basic package of the working operating system?

Is going to provide the ability to do this or not? I just NEED an automatic # to be generated per pulse with prefix “SER” then start with a 4 digit # CHOSEN BY US (example 4800) and then for each new pulse added to build on the previous… so 1st pulse= SER4800, 2nd- SER4801, 3rd- SER4802… and so on. Key is that this # ALSO should NOT change when the pulse is moved.

We have been On the Pro plan with Monday since 2017 when it was STILL Dapulse. We have PATIENTLY waited for so many of the cool features that are just NOW happening. Unfortunately though, my team is totally over the fact that we can’t do some VERY SIMPLE things like this or automatically generate email addresses that actually make sense to our company for each pulse.

I keep begging my team for just a little more time with Monday (bc I don’t hate the platform and it DOES work for us in some ways), BUT they have started to line up webinars to look at other platforms. Their argument is that some of the things we need are so ridiculously simple, and yet just can’t (or won’t) just make them happen. Another example of this is, why in the world can I still NOT see a pulse’s email address anywhere on the mobile app? It’s infuriating that I’ve been requesting this ability for almost 2 years now to no avail…
Please advise on these items as our days With are numbered without it.


Hi @Rgraff13, Rachel

This is exactly the reason why I developed AutoID column, you can install it here Where Teams Get Work Done and give it a try.

Let me know if this solves your requirement.


Thanks for sending this! This is exactly what we need!
(1) is this a 1 time fee for this column? Or no? (2) if yes, can I pay in USD with credit card for this?
(3) what other issues are you guys able to fix? (A) Do you have any integrations with Peachtree/ Sage?
(B) Can you make the mobile app show the email address of each pulse?
(C) Can you change each pulse to have a preset email address based on values we have in our column instead of pulse-########@?

  1. how much are your fees for getting us better organized with better working solutions for our business using



Sales Manager