Automate two status columns to determine date


I know you can set up an automation on 1 status column which when an item is select will automatically set a date.

I would like to know if its possible to have 2 status column that can set the date.

We have pre-set turn around times for set assets. However each asset has different quantities, which would then determine the length of time (date) that this asset can be delivered.

Essentially what I would like it to be able to select a ‘label’ from 1 ‘Status’ column, and then select another 'label from a different ‘Status’ column, based on these two selection would determine the deadline date.

Is this possible?


Hi @marktwalls - Welcome to the community! Yes, you can choose which specific labels you want the automation to trigger on, and have multiple status columns affecting the same date column. You can even build automations like “When status changes to X and another status is Y, then do … whatever”.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you (currently) can’t control the order for how automations execute. So you will want to carefully make sure that you don’t create a potential looping situation by using very distinct options for each automation, so they won’t collide or invalidate each other.

Hey @marktwalls thanks for posting :blush: Agree with @PolishedGeek!

The way to go here would probably be with custom automations. This article explains how: Build your own custom automation.

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