Automated change based on total count of another board

Basically, I am wondering if it was possible to update a cell/value/status based on the total count of checks on another board.

My Case:
I have a board for every employee and their training documents. Each time they complete a document, the row gets checked off that they read the document.

On another board, I have all of the names of the employees, and on each row is a 0-4 to indicate a certain status. Depending on the count of training the person has completed, I want the board to automatically update the 0-4. In my case, if the employee has read 0-5 documents, they get a 1. If they read 6-10 documents, they get a 2. If they’ve read them all, they get a 3, and then another criteria for a 4.

Is this at all possible?

Hi @kylebrown

This is possible using the Rollup Multiple Boards app (see With this app you can create (or use existing) down-level boards (e.g. students) form an overview boards. In the overview board each row represents a down-level board and every change made in any of the down-level boards is aggregated to the overview board.


It seems my organization is not allowing apps to be downloaded… Any suggestions on how to achieve this on vanilla


Hi @kylebrown

Beside using a connect_boards column and a mirror on a number specifying the count I can’t think of any other out-of-the-box solution. The issue with the mirror column (now showing the count) is that you can’t use that in other automations (if I understand your use case correctly). The other thing to keep in mind is that you need to manual select all the items in the connected boards.