Count number of pulse in a group based on status


I am creating a board based on a template and trigger to create this (templatized) board is through a Status Column.

I haven’t found a way to count the number of pulse of the new board created with template and associate with this the parent pulse which got this (templatized) board created.

Any help is appreciated.


hi @premjitn

Welcome to the community. I don’t think this can be done out-of-the-box. I am wondering what other information of your (templatized) board(s) you want to associate with the parent pulse.

Our Rollup Multiple Boards app allows you to create down-level boards based on templates. During the creation of the down-level (or you can call it templatized) board(s) the parent item maintains the connection with the board that has just been created. Then you can add recipes to report (for example) the sum of a number column in the templatized board, or the average etc. etc. For reporting the average the solution count the items in the down-level board(s) zo it is easy to make a little change to this app to report that too.

The reason why I am asking what other information you might want to see is that the solution might be a little top heavy for “just” getting the count.

Let me know if you want to discuss further.

Hi @premjitn ,

Cassie from here!

If I am understanding your use case correctly, there is another solution I could recommend. You could use a formula column where the Status trigger lives that uses the SWITCH function. The formula should look something like this:


This would essentially return a 1 value to the column whenever the status label that triggers the templated boards has been selected. From there, you could use the group footer to sum the formula column for you.

Hope this is helpful!