High Level Board updated when child boards change, but using custom logic


I’ve been searching for this and although I found some High Level Board posts, I did not find something for this particular need.

I’d like to build a High Level Board with the status of multiple projects. Each project as its own board that reflect different phases: planning, design, coding, QA, release. The High Level Board will have one pulse per project, and many status columns (one for planning, one for design, one for coding, QA, release and so on).

What I’d like to do is to read all pulses from each project, and depending on custom business logic, update the high level board. For example, when Project A board is updated, my app should take a look at the different pulses in the different groups, evaluate them, and update the status columns for the pulse Project A in the high level board.

My idea is to create an integration that would be activated when a pulse changes or is added, so then it could update the High Level Board.

Is this the correct approach?

Another option that I’m thinking, as I don’t need the High Level Board to be ‘editable’ is to create a custom widget for a dashboard. Would that be more efficient?

Thanks a lot in advance