Automated communication

If I create a status column with employees assigned to a “gig”, do they each have to be a paid member in order to receive the assignment?? I am the only one I want to edit my account/boards/items… New to platform and trying to get a feel for what I need to pay for and what can be done for no additional seats??

Hey Mark! If you want them to be able to see the item/gig in your board, they will have to be added to the monday account but they don’t have to be a paid member. You could always add them as a Guest or Viewer.

More on these user types here.

Does this help clarify? Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there! :blush:

Thanks for the response. My goal is to send them a text or email notification but to not even have a link to the item. Is this possible? I made my wife a viewer the other day but when she opened the monday app she could edit everything. Is there a reason for this?